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Florida Agents Putting New Law To Work To Attract Millennials To Insurance Careers

Florida insurance agents are trying to bolster the industry’s track record in attracting college graduates by employing a new state law that aligns college courses with the state’s licensing requirements.

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A Hacked Email During A Real Estate Closing Can Cost You Thousands

Picture this home purchase nightmare: After weeks of getting ready, you’re about to go to closing. Moving trucks are on the way. Based on instructions you received by email from your realty agent, you’ve wired closing funds to the bank account the agent specified.

But the tens of thousands of dollars you wired never arrived. Instead the money got diverted to an account set up by offshore cyber pirates who’ve hacked into your realty agent’s email account, watched the agent’s communications with you, and the title and settlement service providers, then waited for the right moment to pounce. The money is gone — hijacked to an unknown account in some foreign country. You can’t get it back. And there’s no way you can buy the house.

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3 Risks To Consider If You Own Rental Property

Buying and managing a rental property can be an exciting endeavor.

Owning an apartment or condo building can provide supplemental income or even allow you to change careers completely. Owning rental property can be an incredibly rewarding experience that provides for a very flexible lifestyle.

But with many rewards comes a fair amount of risk.

To cover your bases and reduce your exposures as a property owner you must, of course, get property insurance to protect you and your tenants from loss. However, property insurance can be somewhat limiting. It’s important to understand exactly what the insurance covers. But even more important is understanding where risk still lies, and how you can combat it.

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